How to get UR242 to send out a mono signal


Does anybody know how to get the UR242 to send out a mono signal?

I have been making some videos and I have a microphone plugged in to one of the inputs on the front, when I record, either into my DAW or my screen recording software the sound from the microphone only comes out on one channel.

I want the UR242 to either send out a mono signal or a stereo signal with the same thing on both channels.

When I listen to the input as I’m talking it comes out on both channels but not when I play back a recording.
I know I can change my DAW to a mono track but there is no such setting in the screen recording software.

The ‘link channels’ button in the dspmixFx software seems to make no difference at all, input 1 is always left channel and input 2 is always right channel regardless of whether its switched on or not.

Does anybody have any advice, I’d be very grateful.

P.S. My Tascam US-122 audio interface has a switch to make the output mono - I wish the UR242 did as well

I guess this isn’t possible then as no answers.
What would an electric guitarist for example do if they wanted to record a mono track, they would only have one lead plugged in and it would only come out on one channel?

They would set up their gear correctly. As you said before: If you record a mono Signal - (in Cubase) record it to a mono track, or if you want to record to a Stereo track, trecord from a mono bus (not one side of a Stereo bus). As for your screen recording Software: sinc eyou are probably the only one who knows which that is, you´ll probably have to find out on your own.