How to get Virtual Guitarist work under Cubase 7.07 W7Pro 64

I have been away from working with Cubase since years, last time was Cubase 5 under Windows XP.
Now I have a new DAW Windows 7 Pro 64 bit with Cubase 7 64 bit working.
I have installed the Virtual Guitarist 2 but if I want to open it on an Instrument track, Cubase can’t find it.
In the Elicenser the plugin is available.

Is there somebody with a solution??

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Hi Aventoe,

I’m sorry but Virtual Guitarist 2 is an older discontinued program and is not supported on Windows 7. The last supported Windows OS version for Virtual Guitarist 2 was Windows Vista.

Thank you.

Thanks for your fast reply.
However, bad news, is there an update or upgrade or a new version foreseen?

I also have the following VST plug ins from your company:
Hypersonic 2
Halion player OEM 3
Groove Agent 3
Halion String Edition 2
Halion Symphonic Orchestra 1
The Grand 2
The Grand 3.

Further I have Sequel 2, with bonus Pack 01 and Content Set Chillout.

Will you please inform me which of the herefore mentioned products will work or not, and which require updating or upgrading for the W7 64 bit OS?

Thank you for your assistance!

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use jbridge to bridge virtual guitarist 2 in Cubase 7. I have it working fine in Cubase 7.5.2 with window 7 home version 64 bit.

same with groove agent 3.

The following products are not supported on the Windows 7 operating system:

Hypersonic 2
HALion Player OEM 3
HALion String Edition 2
The Grand 2
Virtual Guitarist 2 (You can of course try the workaround mentioned above, but it is not officially supported, and we cannot guarantee the program’s performance)

Thank you.

Thank you all for the help. Things are clear now.

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Hi there,

I have bought jBridge, NI B4 runs fine and stable, Virtual Guitarist too, but now GA2 itself cannot be installed. It reports the following message: “There are other activated processes which disturb the installation process. Please restart the computer and repeat the installation”.

This message is repeating. Does anybody know how to go around this?

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Have you tried “run as amdinistrator”, I have mine VG2 running on Windows 8.1 prof 64 bit without any issues (even didn’t have to use the option “run as administrator”.

Update for you all.
I just installed VG in cubase 7.5 and W7 ultimate straight off the disk !!!
Just try it yourself it works again !!

For Aventoe. I can get VG2 running OK as plugin only, not standalone, with Jbridge 1.7b in Cubase 8 pro, 64bit on Windows 7 64bit. Alas i don’t have GA3, but if you can try, if the GUI of GA shows, to adjust some settings, see left low corner of the Jbridged GUI for options … Also see:, as there are quite a few tips on how to solve issues, especially with windows … F

VG2 works fine for me on W7 64bit Cubase 8 Pro. It also worked perfect on all previous versions.

Fingers crossed this amazing vst keeps going as i have yet to find a suitable replacement that is so easy to use.