How to get your EMU-1212M PCI working in Cubase 8 64bit

If you’re scratching your head trying to figure out how to route Patchmix to work with Cubase 8 64bit, here is how I did it.

  1. Start with the 48K Product Default Session in Patchmix.
  2. Create a new send for the I/O Card In L strip and set it to ASIO In 31/32
  3. Delete the ASIO Strip
  4. Create a new ASIO Strip and set it to ASIO in 1/2
  5. Open Cubase 8 and make sure the Device Setup is set to use the EMU ASIO driver.
  6. Under Devices, open VST Connections.
  7. Set the Left to ASIO In 31 and the Right to ASIO In32

Hope this helps!

I remember doing that for windows 7 even!

Great card though.

What OS did you get it working with? Gotta say I would be delighted if my beloved 1212m PCI will work in later versions than even Win 7!

My story is that I built an all singing all dancing PC just over a year ago and re-installed the 1212m under Win 7 x64 and had all sorts of horrendous blue screen crashes that appeared to be caused by the 1212m driver. In a blind panic I decided to get a copy of 64 bit XP as the drivers I had for the 1212m were as I understood it solidly written for XP and earlier. Of course numpty me forgot that my new super duper m/board needed up to date drivers not supported by XP. I searched everywhere and could barely find more than 75% of what I needed.

So Win 7 was reinstated and after much unsuccessful downloading from the somewhat confusing Creative site of a combination of driver and PatchMix app that would work I was on the point of giving up and reaching for the credit card to buy something new. I’d heard that EMU had withdrawn all support for the 1212m but in desperation I emailed them anyway. It took some time but they did reply and gave me the precise driver set they said would work with Win 7. Bingo! Not wanting to push my luck I’ve been running Cubase 5 in 32 bit and all has been well.

Today I took the plunge and moved everything up to 64 bit Cubase using jBridge. The 1212m has acquiesced and is living happily with Cubase x64. So after all this time maybe I can finally access the potential of my rather expensive ‘new’ build.

Could I also upgrade both Cubase and Windows while still retaining my 1212m which I absolutely love! Might it work with Win 10 or am I really pushing my luck this time? Just a thought. :smiley: