How to give a voice an audio system effect?

Hi, I need some advice. In a nutshell I’m mixing a short film that takes place during an outdoor concert. The problem is that I’ve been banging my head for a couple of days because I have a dubbed voice, which acts as an announcer. The problem is that I can’t give it an effect that gives the impression that it comes out of the sound system on stage. Could you give me some advice?

I use a combination of delay, eq, compression and distortion. If you type “loudspeaker” or “room designer” into Track Presets (right click on a track, scroll to bottom, click on “load track preset”) you’ll likely find a preset to get you started. Or there is the Speakerphone plugin from Audioease.

Speakerphone fera l’affaire.
Si tu n’as.pqs ce.soft tu oeux m’envoyer le wav et je te fais le travail.

The speakerphone will do the job very well.
If you don’t have this software you can send me the wav and I’ll do the work for you.

Try “PlaceIt” by Soundly. It’s a free plugin with some amazing acoustics and speaker combinations!