How to give number in songs

Is there a way to give number in songs and to choose the song I want?
I don’t want to use a midi controller but a Stream Desk (by using sortcuts maybe).
if there is that option, what can I do with midi controller ?

I am new in VST Live. Your help is very important to me! Thank you very much!!!

You can do that with MIDI (Devices/Actions and Shortcuts).
Keyboard shortcuts (and thus Stream Desk) don’t work on indexed items such as Song 1, Song 2 or 1st layer, 2nd Layer etc, sorry.

Thank you for your answer!
What do you recomment me for midi controller especially for this job?

Any will do that has a sufficient amount of buttons. Search for DAW controllers.

Thank you very much!!!

just letting know if using your existing tablet is comfortable enough for you: TouchOSC

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Thank you!!!

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