How to go back to Elements 9,5 and get the refund for upgrade?

OK, I upgraded to Elements 10 as soon as 10 came out and I regret it terribly.
Since day one I have nothing but trouble running this software (something I didn’t have problem with when was on Elements 8 and 9 and 9,5).
Update after update there are some things that are not fixed at all. This version is a nightmare…
I still get the same problem with sound not playing at all. Settings change on itself to SPDIF-Out on my sound card and don’t let me change to anything else or when it does change to my speakers then there’s no sound at all like nothing has been recorded.
I am very often forced to use my external card which is a pain as it travels with my laptop as a “mobile studio”.

I may be just an amateur enjoying my little home studio but I paid freaking money for something I can not use…

Is there a way to roll back to version 9,5? On my account I have only version 10 to download.

I fed up and tired of this disaster of a version…

If you updated from a previous version (like 9.5) it would still be on your computer unless you deleted it. Best practice is to keep the previous version until you are satisfied that the new version works correctly (or as you expect). I wonder if version 9.5 would be available in the SDA. If not, you could submit a support ticket and request the download link.

Suggest that you contact asknet to request a refund. You might have a chance if it is less than 30 days. Good luck. :wink:

Next time you may want to consider installing the trial version to try before you buy it.

Regards. :sunglasses:

No, it’s way pass the 30 days. I was hoping that “the next” update will fix some of the issues I have but no.

Testing a trial version next time might be a good idea…