How to go backwards from dotted notes to 8th?

So I learned from here that you can take a series of 8th notes and turn them into dotted 8th + 16th simply by selecting them all and pressing the dot. Cool!

Well, I’ve decided this isn’t what I want, and I want them to go back to 8th notes. Ctrl+Z is not an option, as I’ve gone in and done many changes and edited the notes and stuff. How do I simply put them back to 8th notes? I made my selection and pressed 5 but that makes everything all wonky.

EDIT: I think I figured it out. I just had to shift them along the grid a little bit and make adjustments…but now my slurs are all gone! sad.

Use Insert mode (with the appropriate scope), select the region, and press 5 for eighth notes? (in Write mode)

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