How to go country - keep your music career.

Write a song about divorcing your disabled lonesome horse who is also your mom on the railroad. instant stardom!!

Btw . nevr mind Country what about Western

This was my first music book ever.

All about cooking, horses, gun-fighting, cattle, building things and mending things with whatever tools were to hand. Couldn’t go wrong with that.

Memory flash … our own John Kenn … Remember him, Steve? He came out with ruddy great stuff didn’t he? For people who don’t know of him, he was member of the Cubase forum. Not seen him around. He had the ability to musically and lyrically open a wide and deep wound, then to turn the knife, if you like to be afected that way. My last memory was of him posting that his songs were being bought in Nashville … I don’t have details. Tones? Doug?

Oh yeah forgot dawgs. And trailers.

Worked for Jerry Lee Lewis. :wink:

Long live “Killer”! :sunglasses:

Not to mention one of the most important elements of Country: whiskey :laughing:

The thing in my mind about country music is that it seems to me to be the genre that is the closest to what I love: 2 guitars, a bass, a drum, and sure throw in a keyboard player - and with vocal harmonies. Stuff like Lynrd Skynrd, stuff that sounds awesome live, without loops and prerecorded backing tracks and etc., etc. It’s just so hard to find that around nowadays outside the country genre. The only thing lacking in my book is chord originality. Oh well, it’s all gone downhill since The Beatles broke up!

I grew up detesting the whole idea about country music, but have sort of migrated to it a bit more living down here. It’s great to listen to in bars!

I wouldn’t call Lynrd Skynrd, Dickie Betts, et al country. More like Southern Rock. Great stuff btw I was a huge Skynard fan and still got a few of their albums on vinyl in the loft somewhere. One More From the Road is excellent

To my ear, the crispest keyboard player in rock (outside of session players, I suppose). Dang, he was hot!

Billy Powell. Call me the Breeze solo always gets me going. :slight_smile:

Doug … thank you :slight_smile:

Alexis … Hi … you’re in San Antonio, aren’t you? Texas Public Radio and lots of Texas Blues … had been listening to that last four years. My GF lives there. A pure power which I had thought was no longer around.

All the best

Only Country and Western peeps could write a song about one of these …

Paul - this is EXACTLY the one I had in mind when I typed that!! So understated in the beginning (but still so clean), then rising in intensity … and volume … AND SPEED … AND PITCH - all without one tiniest bit of sloppiness - pure AWESOMENESS!! Just did a youtube for old times sake - they’ve got a live performance of it (“1976” is in the title) - they played it just about note perfect from the radio … those guys were good!!!

Hi Glyn!

Yes, in San Anton’ (nobody, as you probably knows, says that except Yankees and song-writers!). You’re right, it definitely does have it’s own flavor, from San Antonio, up to Austin. Mandobilly lives up north, just between here and Austin, and I think I get the impression he is plugged into the scene pretty well (I remember hearing some live Mandolin, I think, by him!). The music is a mixture of country, some Mexican, and german in there too! I learned the other day that the signature sound of tex-mex down here, the accordion, was actually brought to the region by German immigrants in the early 1800s, and adopted by the “Mexians”. That’s probably a bit simplistic, but interesting none-the-less!

Here’s a link to a typical example of music here on the musical “third coast”:

Do you ever come down and go out to listen to music? I don’t get out much (they’re pretty strict here at the State Home … just kidding!!), but I’d love to do some exploring musically if you did!

One delicious facet of C&W music is the women in tight blue jeans. The classic Cowgirl. I can put up with all the Yeeeeee-Hah’s in the world for that :slight_smile:

Just don’t let Larry Hagman on the scene.

One of Johnny Cash’s last was a Nine Inch Nails track. Pretty good crossover I thought.
And it seems in my neck of the woods the old country players seem partial to a bit of Little Feat.
Depends what head you’ve got on if you approach it. You can go country jazz like little feat or lyrical like Chuck Berry. Although Chuck is regarded as Rock & roll his lyrics are firmly in the best country camp. Descriptions of what you observe around you.
Once you’ve found your roots then search for your leaf.

It isn’t a Rascal Flatts song … they didn’t write it, they only covered it … the song was written by Canadian artist Tom Cochrane; recorded by him on his 1991 release Mad Mad World.

I just love some of the old C&W titles. “You’re The Reason Our Children Are So Ugly” is a cracker. :astonished:

Take this Job and Shove It! (Johnny Paycheck!)!

David Allan Coe (Take This Job And Shove It)

If you want to hear some real country take a listen to Hank3.

Some other great modern country artists are Wayne HanKock and Dale Watson.

Pop country sucks so hard it makes me want to puke!

(When I previewed this post it wouldn’t let me use Wayne “The Train” Han…k’s real last name! :laughing: )

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: