How to group notes (chords) in Key Editor?

Maybe a stupid question. But I’ve searched the manual and could not find it, so I don’t know if it is even possible.
Q: Is there a way to group a bunch of notes (a chord for instance) in the Key Editor? Like you can group events.

Why: I have for instance 5 notes in the key editor that trigger 5 different sounds. The starting points of the individual notes are slightly different (see attachment). I would like to group that package of notes so I can quantize the group of notes, without losing the individual startingpoints.

A suggestion would be much appreciated! :sunglasses:

Not sure I understand the contradiction there :wink: Do you mean that you’d like to keep all the notes’s relative positions, but shift them all, such that the earliest of those notes is hard quantized to the grid? Just select them all, then drag the selection, with the appropriate Snap enabled.
But, to answer your original question, no, you can’t actually “group” the notes together.

That’s indeed what I mean. You said it a lot clearer though :wink:

Normally I do it by hand with snap enabled. But It’s a lot of work when you want to experiment with different swing modes. That’s why I thought it would be handy if I can group a bunch of notes.

Allright, that’s clear. Guess it’s back to manual editing then :wink:
Thanks Vic!

Probably not very practical if there are a lot of events, but you could use the In-Place Editor, select your group of notes, hit “P” to set L and R locators to their boundaries, then Edit menu>Functions>“Split Loop” (so now you have just those notes in their own Part), close the In-Place Editor then quantize the Part. You could probably do all that via a macro :wink:.