How to group split notes back together?

I’m using Dorico 3.5 Elements and sometimes when I enter a note, it split it into two with a tie. How can I reset it so that when it splits a half note into two quarter notes with a tie, it shows a half note instead.
I’ve seen Dorico do this for quarter notes (into two 8th notes) as well. I believe he does this especially when the note starts on a weak beat of the measure.

So if I’m in 4/4 and put a half note on the second beat, it will split it into two quarter notes. But I don’t want this… I want to just show the half note…

Hi Yannick.
Have you checked Notation options>Note grouping? There’s a bunch of options there that could suit you. And don’t forget you can always keep Dorico from doing its magic (sometimes, you have to) using Force duration (press the o key before entering your half note).
If you speak french and have FB, come and join the Groupe des utilisateurs francophones de Dorico (I write it because your name sounds french and I’m the creator and admin of that group) :wink:

Thanks for the reply. The “force duration” does work but I cannot find the screen with the option you shared… Where can I find this? Is that available in elements?

Unfortunately I don’t speak French… I’m from Belgium but my French isn’t good enough…

Unfortunately Notation Options is not currently included in Dorico Elements (though we do plan to include it in future versions) – for the time being it is in Dorico Pro only. At the present time your only option in Elements is to use Force Duration.

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Ok thanks for that.

Glad you’re adding more functionality to elements! I remember when 3 was just released I asked something around beam grouping which could also be solved in the notation options so I’m looking forward to have that option available in elements :slight_smile: