How to half the tempo for changing score from 8 -> 16 notes

Hi folks,

I made a few piano songs and now I’m trying to get some score from it. The problem is, sometimes I record with metronome at say 150bpm, which is fine for editing and stuff, but now all notes are 8ths. It’s “ok”, but I’d like to see what would happen to the score if I’d make 8th notes 16ths, 4ths -> 8ths etc. So basically I’d like to half the project tempo without changing the MIDI note times. Is there a way to do that?

A couple of ways…
a) (the simplest :wink: )… Click on the Select Tool, to choose the option “Sizing Applies Time Stretch”, then drag the bottom-right of the desired Part so that it becomes half the length (or twice the length, depending upon the desired result).

b) Put all your tracks into Linear Timebase as opposed to Musical Timebase, then halve (or double) the Tempo in the Tempo Track.

Aaaaah, thank you!!!

Now one more thing - it works fine, but often when I hold one key and play other keys, it does this:

As you can see it’s repeating the one note for every other note. That makes the song look hard than it is :smiley:. Is there a way to make it use say separate beams for the lower note…?