how to handle two different tempo overlapping ?

let’s say i have 3 musical pieces in the same project that every one of them is at different tempo and signature, made mostly with midi, and they overlap each other.

so for example the first piece is in 4/4 90 bpm and the second piece starts 2 bars at the ending of the first piece but in 7/8 120 bpm and the third piece strats 3 bars at the ending of the second piece and its in 6/8 80 bpm (sorry if confusing’ i’m confused too :unamused: ))

Well, that won’t work as you have different signatures. For BPM it is not an issue as it can be altered for the various parts (i remember in the older Cubase versions there was a quick was to seed up or slow down MIDI events).
Depending how it is played you can anyway merge the parts into the other via volume control or, if you can play it, you can try to add intro signatures and parts which will go from the source to the target signature, which is a very creative way imo.

I have quite a few pieces that do this.
How I do it is to mixdown the indivitual sections separately then bring them into the Wavelab montage editor and overlap them in there. If you don’t have Wavelab, you can for sure do this in Cubase as well. Just put them on 3 different tracks and fiddle with the placement until they sound great.
Then create a new, final mixdown of the piece.

i thought maybe there is some hidden functions that i’m not aware off in cubase regarding multiple merged tempos, or set specific tracks or midi events to embedded tempo.i’ll try some of the suggested workaround ,thanks