How to handle VST stereo output pair as 2 mono outs?

I have a Virus TI desktop that has three analog stereo outs in addition to up to three stereo USB channels exposed as VST outputs. I am trying to squeeze as much use out of the device as possible, and was curious how to utilize the three USB Stereo outputs as if they were 6 mono channels. (The plugin only exposes the USB outs as stereo pairs; there is no mono outs option, like you might find in NI Kontakt.)

In the Virus Control plugin I can force a Virus “part” to use either the L or R channel of a given stereo USB pair, but on the DAW side, I haven’t figured out how to process the two channels separately. How would I apply different effects to the L and R channels when my Cubase considers it a single input? And how would I spread them across the stereo spectrum, so the channels aren’t panned hard L or R?

It’s pretty easy to handle the analog outs (just set them up as single channel input buses), but I don’t know what to do about the USB channels…

I can do this in elements with 4 group tracks(!), but with the superior routing of full version the method could be simplified : :nerd:

  1. create 4 group tracks, 2 stereo, 2 mono
  2. pan the first stereo group hard left, second stereo hard right
  3. route the output of the stereo hard left to the first mono group
  4. route the output of the stereo hard right to the second mono group
  5. route the output of the mono tracks to stereo out (or wherever onwards)
    and finally
  6. put the output of the thing you want to split to the two stereo groups via two pre fader sends, and route it to “No Bus”

That’s it (!)

The level of the input L/R can be adjusted via the mono group tracks, you could add effects to those group tracks to make them “stereofied”…

Ooh, very interesting! I’ve only just barely tinkered with group tracks in the past. I will have to experiment with this tonight.