how to have layout for individual parts when double clicking

Hi folks,
I know about how you can open a score and double click on one staff and it only shows that part. Great! Is there a way that you can have a layout or formatting that will always be the same for every part when you click on that staff? As it is now, if I adjust the layout for one part, and then select the next part, I have to redo the layout again.

THats not so bad, but what I’m not figuring out is how to save basic elements like individual track names and the main song title on the individual parts.

When I create those elements with the text tool when I go back to the main score, those elements are randomly all over the whole score.

What is the quickest and most efficient way to print the whole score and then print individual parts with all those needed elements?

Is there a way to ask Steinberg customer service if what I’m trying to do is possible?