How to have MIDI channel names copied to individual outputs on mixer?

I have a multi out instrument track (Individual channels enabled) and a bunch of midi channels routed to them that I’ve named according to the articulation of my Sine player library. Is there a way I can have the individual outs copy the name of the MIDI channel so that it’s not 1/2, 3/4, etc without having to individually name each one?


I’m sorry, there is no automatic way.

Like @Martin.Jirsak said not automatically. But if you set it up in a Template you’d only need to do it by hand once.

The Template is probably your best solution for the long term. However, you might also try to set names with the Project Logical Editor.

This link is for the Nuendo 10.3.0 but the function is the same for most versions of Cubase as well.

What I find easiest is to select the Tracks and use Property is Set/Track is Selected…

It might take you a few passes to get the names right. You have to learn to finesses the Editor’s functions. At times it may end up being easier to use a slower cut/past method.

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