How to have more colors to colorize tracks?

Hey guys,

I saw someone on a tutorial having more colors to choose from to colorize a track (I currently have 16), does anyone know how to have more colors?

Also is there a way to revert to the grey default color (when creating a track), or to choose a white color?

Thanks in advance

Project → Project Colours Setup → Presets Tab.

You can set both values to a maximum auf 32 basic colours with 4 tints, allowing you up to 128 different colours. This setting is saved globally IIRC, so you only need to change this once.


Thanks a lot Gomorrha
Do you know if in addition to those tints, you can add different colors such as white and grey? Thanks again

go to the same location. Press on any of your colors and edit them as wanted. Once you are happy with your colors remember to “store color set as default” from the option tab to get the same color set for every new project.

if you have older projects pick “reset color set to factory settings” to get the new color set you already saved

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Oh yes I see great thanks a lot!

You can also download custom colour palettes online where people have chosen to share them.