How to have my own ASIO driver?

Dear Steinberg guys, friends,
I’m planing to let my USB audio device to support HI-FI performance with ASIO. I used foobar+ASIO4ALL for my device, but seems the performance is not good, THD+N and DR parameters shows there is some digital processing limit the performance as 16bit while set device work at 24bit or 32bit.

  1. What’s the difference between ASIO driver and ASIO4ALL?
  2. Could I have customized ASIO driver for my own USB audio device? If yes, is there any document about developing an ASIO driver?
  3. It seems ASIO4ALL is not a real kernel driver of Windows, it just a ASIO application compatible COM plugin and it talks to windows Kernel Streaming driver to exchange data. If I choose this way, does it mean I just need to build a ASIO plugin driver which exchanges audio data with device over Windows Kernel Streaming driver?


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you can download the ASIO SKD in order to develop a driver ASIO compatible, ASIO4ALL is a ASIO Compatible driver which wraps the Windows Audio drivers into ASIO world (not developed by Steinberg).

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