How to have one send go to multplie FX

}I have not long moved back to Cubase from Studio One. Before that I used PT.
One thing I miss from my time with PT that I cannot seem to do in Cubase (or in SO) is the ability to have one send go to multple effects.
In PT if you wanted to say add a reverb to some of your drums, you’d simply send whichever drums you wanted affecting to say buss 1-2. Then set up an aux track with the reverb on and the input would then be set as Buss 1-2. However if I also wanted to set up another flavour of reverb for my drums, I could set up a second aux, with a different reverb on and set that aux channels input to also receive from Buss 1-2.
This would then allow me to have one ‘send’ to be returned on 2 separate aux tracks and blend to taste.
This also means that I could get around the limited send slots available to me by sharing 1 send with multiple aux returns.
In cubase we have only 8 sends and they go to one channel. I cannot see a way to have one send go to multiple FX channels.
I’ve heard of the direct routing, but also heard it is fixed post fade and unlike sends there’s no control over the amount you are sending.

Hopefully I understand you right. If yes, this (and much more fancy) is totally possible in Cubase Pro 11 (which I’m currently using).

For example:

  • Create 3 Group Channels to use as intermediate SEND (not direct routing) destinations for your drum tracks.
  • Give each of these Group channels 3 send destinations into your 3 reverb FX channels. Do NOT connect these Group tracks to a direct routing destination.
  • Then direct route all of those 3 FX channels to another Group or FX channel where they get mixed and then direct route the output of that submix to the main mix.

Here’s the screen capture of the Cubase mixer after all of that routing is done (Hopefully I didn’t make any errors in quickly creating this). You can enlarge the image to see the labels.

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Thank you for the information and the example. I did try this however I. Found that sending the tracks to a group and then sending that group to an FX track made my reverb sound odd (and a little delayed). Tbh what you’ve shown me is the best way to emulate what can be done in PT… However it did add a different. Sound to my reverb compared to just sending the drum track straight to an FX track.
I really appreciate the reply :blush: