How to have only a Midi Part (not whole track) follow Chord track

I guess the subject is self-explanatory.

Is it possible to have only a Midi Part (not whole track) follow Chord track? I couldn’t find an option for this in the info bar.

Any help would be appreciated.


No, this is not possible. But you could you multiple tracks for the same MIDI destination.

Thank you, Martin. I post this as a feature request.

How about creating a new version of the Chord Track and delete (or maybe even just mute?) all the Chord Events outside of the range your Part covers. Decent chance you could LE/Macro most of it - set range to part, mute/delete events out of range…


Interesting idea. Chord track offers the Track Versions feature, so you even don’t have to mute the events. Just create a new Chord Track Version.

If we were able to lock notes that I guess we cannot! We could do:

  1. Disable “follow chord track”,
  2. make changes to the harmony/chords in the part
  3. lock the midi part
  4. enable “follow chord track” and reset

But then if you don’t like it again you have to unlock and all the mess!

I added a new feature for this. If you find it useful, you may +1 it! :sunglasses:

Thank you very much for your time.

Not sure If I can follow it. Let say I have a midi part from bar 3 to 5 ( in bold) that I don’t want it to follow the chord track because I have modified them to my liking!

Chord track v1 ----> C | G | C | F | C | G | C | |

Create new version chord track:

Chord track v2 ----> X | X | C | F | C | X | X | |

But then there is no option to select a particular version of a chord track on the MIDI track’s inspector. What am I missing, please?

Not a New Chord Track - which you can’t do anyway, only one allowed per Project.

Use a new Version of your existing Chord Track.

I revised my post. Yes, this is what I meant! But how to proceed?

Well, I don’t know if this really works or not - it is just what I would start playing with if I wanted the result you are after. First step would be to test the basic concept. If you use the Chord Track Version with the X Chords (and on reflecting I suspect the X Chord event is what is needed - at least at the end, perhaps not at the start) does that give you the results you want when compared to what happens for the Version without X Chords. If it does then you can start exploring how much (if any) you can automate the process. Good luck.