How to have projectArranger and project Artist by default

Hi guys

I most frequently want to have this text on my headers of master score and all parts.

Written by: {@projectComposer@}
Arrangment by: {@projectArranger@}


For {@projectArtist@}

Even when I go to the trouble of putting all of this in on each new Dorico project it is missing from the parts so I have to go through each part and add same text into every player part. Is there a way to by default have this text for every new project in every part.



If you edit the relevant master pages in the Default Full Score and Default Part master page sets, you can then export and import those into any project you need. You should only need to make the change twice: once in the full score master page set, and once in the part master page set - those changes get carried through to all layouts that use those two sets.

You can also set up a project with the master pages as you want, and keep a copy of that file as a template that you can save-as for each new project.

Thanks for this. In my use case I’m bringing quantised midi files over from Cubase and opening as a midi file. I can import the modified master pages into this?

You can import master pages into any Dorico project, regardless of whether the actual music originated in Dorico or elsewhere. Bottom of the right panel in Engrave mode.

Hi All

I’ve tried this done a lot of poking around but I can’t by default get my desired text to appear at the top of each new Full Score and all of the parts. To recap I’d like to automatically have this on the left under the Score title:


… and on the right side

Written by: {@projectComposer@}
Arranged by: {@projectArranger@}

Exporting a Master Page from a project I’ve set it up on and Importing it into a different project in Engrave Mode doesnt seem to do it.

Exporting/importing master pages: between separate projects, you import/export the master page sets. Once you’ve imported a set into a project, you can then either import individual pages from those imported sets into existing sets in the new project, or change the master page set used in layouts in the new project to the imported set.

E.g. by default your full score uses the “Default Full Score” master page set. If you import an “Imported Full Score” master page set, that set now exists in the project but until/unless you change the set used in the full score, it will still use its “Default Full Score” master page set.

You can change the set in use by opening the layout, then selecting another set from the “Current set” menu in the panel on the right.

If you’ve definitely done that, can I just check that the changes you made in the source project were to the master page, and not on an individual page as a page override? Can you share a zip file of the two projects perhaps?