how to have quick controls on euphonix mc mix ?

it’s stated in info documentation about new version of eucon adapter that we can access quick controls of a track.
I can’t find how to do that. I’ve got an euphonix mc Mix and on their website it is written too that you can access 8 quick controls… (I haven’t found it on the user documentation…)

Does anybody know how to do that ?

(by the way, is there a way of re-organizing the order of parameters for a plugin ? )

found it !! on the nuendo section of “eucon application setup” documentation.

: To use Quick Controls with MC Mix
Press and hold the EQ knob set selector until it blinks and then release.
Each of the selected track’s eight Quick Controls are displayed and can be adjusted with the encoders.

I spend hours searching the web for an answer…
hope this post will be usefull for somebody not finding it in doc, as me…