How to have track chord into a score


I just find out the score module and I don’t know how to have my chord track into it.

I searched in the manual but found nothing. :frowning:

Can you help me please ?

Welcome to the Score Editor :slight_smile:

To display the chords, open the score then in the Cubase Menu go to Scores>Advanced Layout and check Show Chord Track.

Great !
Thank you :smiley:

Now I look for Change chord font (not so important)
and transpose to up or lower octave (not the midi file, only the view in the score and just a part).

I don’t need something perfect just usable. If you still can help me it’s cool because it’s not easy to find explanation in the manual or in the web.

Ok i found how to transpose to up or lower octave.
It’s in Trill/Line

I found a lot of answer in the manual (so unexpected :wink:.
To tell the truth I searched in the “general” manual before remark there is a specific manual for scoring.
I still have questions that I didn’t found answer.

The most important is how to choose the quantity of bars in a song ?
Curently my score have about 5000 bars (most of them empty) ! and I just want them 72.

Otherwise I still search how to change chord font and hide mesure numbers. (But I can live with that)

Every help is welcome :wink:

The length of the “midi part” in the Project View determines the number of measures in your opus. :wink:

Thank you your answer gave me the way I have to search

It’s, obviously, what I tried at first but what i misundersood is that the score take the lengh of the entire trak and not only the selected contener.
I resolved the problem by creating a track for each score I wish.

Now my “new” problem is to create a chord that is not in Cubase (as far as I know). I look to create a C(6b) but I don’t know how to do that. I can have a C13b but I don’t like thit. For me it’s not the same thing. Is there a learning module in cubase to show him the chords he don’t know?

(And I still don’t know how to hide these awful bars mesures. I said that I can live with but, eventually, I’m not so shure) :imp: