How to "Heal" an edit in WL


In Pro Tools you have a command called “Heal” for undoing edits, say if you´ve done a slice / cut in an audio file you can heal it back together at whatever time you want. I don´t mean using the undo command. In Pro Tools you can at any time (hours or days later) heal / glue back together an edit with the Heal command.

How is this done / if possible in Wavelab. I know you have the Superclip function to render / consolidate regions, but I don´t want to use this.

How can I “heal” og glue back together an edit like this withouth using undo:
Screen Shot 2019-10-21 at 18.12.18.png
Thanks for any input on this


Currently this is not possible. But this is planned for a future version.

What you can do in the montage, is drag the border of one clip to the end position of the other. Say, I have one clip cut in two and want to go back to one clip, I can delete the 2nd part and drag the right edge of the first part to the location where the original clip ended. Disadvantage is that an end fade you had on the second clip will be lost and has to be recreated…

Thanks for the replies:)

What you suggest is pretty much what I’m doing myself too. It’s a bit of a pita when you have fades like you said at the end of the second clip. It works, but would just be great to “glue” them back together instead.


Got it​:blush::raised_hands:

Thanks Phillipe