How to hear the keyswitched sounds in Halion SE?

I open the Halion SE with symphonic sounds and choose program: Violin Solo
There are a lot of articulation for this violin:

  • Legato Fast
  • Legato
  • Trills HT

How can i listen to these articulated sounds of the violin in Halion SE
I should like to use the internal keyboard of Halion SE itself…is this possible??
Now i can hear for the first time how the articulation sounds!

I only installed one VSTi of Symphonic in the VSti instrumentrack as a multitimbral instrument ( only one audio out for now ) and use the midi channels to setup the score from this
Assign a sound to a midichannel and use the mouse for to choose the articulation of the symphonic sound in Halion SE
Than i can play on the connected midi controller keyboard the articulated sounds for different midi channels.