How to hide a barline for comment bars?

Dear users and developers,

You might see two comment bars

  • between bars 4 and 5, and
  • between bars 6 and 7

in the following examples:

test.dorico (974.0 KB)

Is there a way to hide the bar lines of those comment bars? Changing the colour of the bar line does not affect this case.

I did not use the ossia bar for this case. Using ossia could be simpler than my method in this example, but the problem of hiding the bar line lingers still even though using ossia bar.

Change those barlines to dashed, and then in Engraving Options change the Dash length for dashed barlines to 0.


Another way you might like to try:

Create a block of text which consists of a few lines of non-breaking spaces (option-space on a Mac), separated by Returns, with a background colour of white, then move it in Engrave mode to cover the barline which you want to hide. It will be easier to find if you start by making the background colour something other than white and then change it to white when it is position.

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Thank you for your opinion. The first way is not ideal due to conflict with other barline types. The second method is a bit clumsy, but it is the best way currently. Why does Dorico not support hiding the barline or invisible barline? I saw many requests on this. Do Dorico developers consider the “hiding bar line” option or an invisible barline item on the “Create Barline” panel?

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You could consider using separate flows in independent music frames for this kind of thing. You can then specify that the final barline of a flow should be invisible via the Barlines page of Notation Options.