How to hide a time signature on only one side of a system break?

I have a segue ending so I need the TS in green but not the one in red. How can I hide the one in red independently?


Hi Ed.
What you want to do is “hide cautionary time signature” Di a search with those words in the forum and you’ll discover it has been talked about like… a lot!
You can split the flow in two and tweak the Layout so that nobody notices it. As far as I know, it’s the only easy workaround

Hi Marc,

It is not cautionary in this case due to the nature of the multiple endings. As a workaround, I hid the real time signature, which hid the red and green. Then added the green one back as Bravura text.

You’re right, I didn’t notice the repeat structure. Anyways, glad to know you found a nice workaround!