How to hide Bowings in some layouts (Full score, for instance)

Dear folks @Dorico, is it really correct that (1) it’s not possible to add bowing in the string parts but not show these in the score? AND (2) it’s not even possible to filter bowing easily without catching other playing techniques like pizz., arco, etc.? You must be joking… It means that once an innocent victim has spent hours inserting bowing in the string parts, Dorico then takes him hostage - because there doesn’t seem to be any way of displaying the score without them. But scores are never (or rarely) shown with bowings! There are two scandals here: (1) that there isn’t an automatic option not to show bowing in the score. (2) that one can’t even filter them without messing up everything else. In your otherwise incredible programme, this really is a serious fault and should be corrected asap!

You can certainly hide bowing in the Score, by setting the Hide property locally to the Score layout.

(As Marc has said below, you can use Select More to select bowings.)

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You can perfectly input your bowings anywhere you need them. Then work on your full score. In the properties, make sure you set their span to Local. Select one bowing, then Select more (cmd-shift-A) three times, it should select all the bowings of that instrument in that flow. Enable the “hidden” property. You’re done. You’re welcome.

PS: I took the liberty to change the title so that it’s easier for people who need information to find it. I hope you don’t mind!


Thank you very much Marc! That worked. I’m quite relieved!
So now in a calmer spirit: since it must mean that the architecture for filtering bowings (without other playing techniques) is already there, there is no excuse for not making that available in an overt way in the menu.
Thanks again! Guy

I agree this would be more than welcome !
And please : don’t wait to get bothered by something before asking for help on the forum :wink: