How to hide cautionary key signatures (another method)

Hi, I have seen that many people want to remove the cautionary key signatures, sorry if I don’t remember the name of who mentioned the alternate solution using codas, but if for some reason someone desperately wants to delete the cautionary key signatures and still be able to use the space between the bars using codas, I found this workaround to be useful for someone, however I am not sure to what extent it can be workable.

  1. We have our project:
  2. First we add some staffs above or below.

    3.In the following system, we exchange the content of the empty and non-empty bars. The shortcut Alt + M should work.
  3. Now we hide the empty systems.
    antes de 4
  4. Now, we use independant key signatures for each instrument holding Alt.
  5. Now we have removed those cautionary key signatures and we can also use the coda gap.

Mostly I would use this for very specific cases where I would need to create a lot of musical frames with theory examples with key signature changes, but without having to create a lot of flows.

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