How to hide muted midi events notes from key editor

Hello every one,

Is there a way to make it so the notes of muted midi events (like this guy below) do not show up in the key editor ?

Thanks a lot ! :slight_smile:


I am afraid there isn’t straight forward option for this. May I ask you why do you need notes of muted event to be hidden? Can you give us some practical example?

It’s in order to declutter my key editor.
I like to work with all the insturments open in one key editor like below

That would be a great feature request!
The notes would also disappear from the score editor!

Got it. Hmmm :thinking: the only way kinda workaround is to make PLE which will deselect muted events and that way won’t be visible, another way is to use midi lanes or track versions so the muted you put on other lanes/track versions.

The way I hide muted notes is just put them few octaves above so they are out of reach for me.

I like your style ! Thanks for the tip :slight_smile: