How to Hide Note labels in the Key Editor?

Noob here. Cubase 11. How do I hide (turn-off, not show) the note labels in the Key Editor? I know that if I zoom out far enough they go away but maybe I don’t want to work that small. I’ve discovered that if I enable “Show Note Expression Data” the labels go away, but the colors also change to be much duller and anyway, note expression data is an advanced concept I’m not ready to tackle until I’m less of a Cubase noob. All I want to do is turn off the labels on the notes in the key editor and leave everything else the same.

Thanks in advance.


Unfortunately there is no way, how to hide the Note labels in the Key Editor, if you Zoom In Vertically.

Thanks, but that’s unfortunate. I assume most users of Cubase Pro already know how to read music and know the layout of a piano keyboard. Pianos don’t come with little labels on the keys. I find all that text distracting. How do you make feature-requests around here?