How to hide single staff barline in multi instrument chamber work?

The pic says it all. One instrument is to play freely while the others do not. Would if I could only hide the barline of one staff but I couldn’t find a work around. Any thoughts?

One solution, if you don’t need dashed barlines anywhere, is to set the dash length to zero in Engraving Options—Barlines, and set those as independent “dashed” barlines that will display as invisible.

An alternative is to give that instrument/those staves an independent open time signature for the relevant section.

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And just in case you don’t know how - you can make an open meter by clicking at the beginning of your percussion bar; type shift-M (for meter); type “x”; and then alt-click to have it take effect only for the percussion staff.

And then you can hide the time signature in the bottom properties panel.


See here: Inputting time signatures with the popover under 6.

Thanks, my mistake.

Thanks all for the suggestions. I will be able to get what I want this way.