How to hide the flow title at the start of each flow?

A long time ago I was able to hide the flow title at the start of a new flow, like this:

Unfortunately, I can’t remember how to achieve this! I am convinced there is a Setting somewhere that can make this happen, as the score in which I managed to achieve it shows nothing special set up in terms of customised Page Templates.

I can’t attach the score because it’s too large and too copyright. Can anyone assist?

See here:

The options I have enabled in this project are thus:

Unless I am misreading it, is there something here that is allowing the {@flowtitle@} to be hidden at the start of each flow (which is what I want)?

I think Show Flow Headings is the one to change to never?

To clarify, the options enabled above are within the project that is successfully hiding the flow titles at the start of each flow.

But I think the solution lies elsewhere, because if I duplicate the options in this panel, I don’t get the same result.

Then I misunderstand your problem. Sorry.

Can you send us a Dorico file of a project (even a project with only one note per flow) that is misbehaving?

I must be pretty bad at explanations! There is no problem as such - my project in question is displaying everything correctly, as in the very first image above.

You can see that the Flow Titles are being hidden at the start of a new flow (indeed at every new flow).

What I am trying to find out is how to do this, as I can’t remember how I achieved it.

Oh, you mean in the running header at the very top of the page, aligned with the page number? That’s here:

The larger, centered flow title inside the music frame’s boundary is a “flow heading”. The flow title shown at the very top of the page is in the “running header”. Apologies, it wasn’t immediately obvious which you were referring to.

Thanks Lillie, is there a reference page where all of the green frames in Engrave mode are labelled? Clearly I need to learn their proper titles.

There’s this page that outlines the tokens in use, and mentions in the description of the Default page that the bit at the top is a running header. I wouldn’t worry too much about it though: if you’re not sure, just describe the bit you’re talking about or highlight pictures! The only reason I ended up confused was there was both a flow heading and running header in your picture.

Oh I see - and I was calling it a “flow title” because that’s the name of the token inside it.
Thanks again. Onward and upward.