How to hide tie?

Is there a way to hide tie?
Changing colour does not affect.

Just thinking, if you uncut the tie by selecting it and then pressing U the tie will be gone, it will be invisible. You’ll then probably want to adjust the playback by going into the Editor in Play Mode.

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You want it non visible, but “there”…?

You could use the old trick of changing the Dash length so there are no dashes, just spaces.

Or possibly do something in the Key Editor to join the notes.


If you want visibly untied notes without the second note sounding in playback, you can keep the notes untied but mute the second note.


Expanding on that, you can also lenghthen the first note in the playback so it sounds as long as before.


Thank you for your kind answers!

Each of your answers is helpful for playback.
For my particular case, I think the best way is to just untie the notes, as I only need them for printing.
Thank you again for your helpful responses. They have broadened my perspective on using Dorico!