How to hide time signature?

The help makes it seem like this should be an easy task…

However, I see no such option to “Hide time signature in the Time Signatures group.”

What I’d like to do is hide the time signature at the end of the staff… as what I’m attempting to do is to create an exercise sheet as shown below.

Any ideas?

If you use a separate flow for each exercise:
a) the time signatures in each flow will be completely unrelated, so no cautionaries.
b) there’ll be no need to put each exercise in a separate music frame.
By the looks of things you’ll want to turn off flow headings, which can be done from Layout Options > Page Setup > Flows > Show Flow Headings > Never.

The page you linked is from the oldest manual - the latest, and most recently updated, is here.

Your Properties panel selector is set to show “Local [properties] Only”. Try switching that to All and see if you can see the property for hiding time signatures.

As Leo says, if these are separate exercises that are completely independent of each other, I would strongly recommend putting each exercise into its own flow. This is one very clear circumstance that flows are not only good for, but intended for!

Showing ‘All’ does indeed show the option to hide the time signature… but it hides both :(.

I’ll give the flows a try… thx!

Write > Split Flow should make it pretty quick.

Thx much… couple of follow up questions…

I do like including the flow title now… as shown below… however, you can see Flow 3 and Flow 4 the title starts to encroach on the other elements…

Also… for Flow 3… I’d refer it to NOT expand the bar across the page… Is there a control for that to keep the notes more ‘condensed’?

You could increase the flow heading bottom margin (Layout Options > Page Setup > Flows >), but I’m wondering what the “88” and the “105” signify, and whether you need the metronome mark at the top of each flow.

In Layout Options > Note Spacing there’s Only justify final system in flow when more than 𝑥% full. Either set 𝑥 to something higher or untick the option.

the 88 and 105 are measure numbers… back to the song where the fills come from.

The metronome is helpful as the time signature changes back and forth throughout the song this comes from… so having it makes sure I did in fact include the time signature, and one doesn’t have to refer to another flow for the tempo (just like they don’t have to refer to another flow for the time signature).

it’s also odd because the spacing between the flow title and the tempo marking are not consistent.

e.g. see below… I adjusted the Flow title font size a bit… and now even flow one encroaches… (but flow 2doesn’t?)

The spacing between the bottom of the flow heading and the top of the staff is consistent. That distance is the flow heading bottom margin I previously mentioned.

What’s not consistent is the notation on the page. It’s the presence of beams above the staff at the beginning of Fill 1 that’s pushing the “53” and the metronome mark upwards. I can see from further up the thread that Fill 2 starts with a rest, so there’s nothing pushing the “61” and the metronome mark upwards from their default positions from the staff.

Got it… thx much for the help.