how to hide voices?

hi there, how do I hide a voice that’s no longer playing (see attached)
also, is there a button for “enharmonic” spelling?
thank you!

Select the last note of the voice, and enable “ends voice” in the properties panel.

About the voice, I’ve found out this morning: select the last note you want in that voice (would be the first D in your bar), then in the properties window (the one in the bottom of the screen) active the option “stop voice” and choose “immediately” (may differ in vocabulary since I use the french interface)…

About the enharmonic, I would like to know too :slight_smile:

To change the enharmonic spelling, press Alt-minus or Alt-equals (Alt + the same keys that give sharps and flats)

Thanks! But how did you find that out?

It was mentioned elsewhere on the forum. And exploring.