How to I obtain a voucher for GA5 Steinberg Licensing?

I don’t know if I’m right, but it seems that in order to use GA 5 without dongle we have to buy another license. WOW

No, of course not. Please search the forum for something like ‘groove agent 5 license’ to find many topics about it, or check out the Steinberg support website.

Thanks steve. I will check.

Hi steve. It seems like I need a voucher to migrate. How I get that? I haven’t received any. Thanks

I do not know, but I edited the title of this topic so someone who does know might see it.

Thanks Steve. It’s so weird. the only way i can use groove agent is with the dongle. :neutral_face:

Just for the moment though. I have heard that they roll out the vouchers, rather than adding them en masse to user accounts. @Romantique_Tp and @David_W have posted on this topic, I’ll mention them to see if they can add anything.

Good to know. Thanks again Steve.

The vouchers are coming in big secret only on your account in the browser. No email or anything you just have to do a routine to check to see if you have any new vouchers

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For the voucher to appear in your account, please make sure that your eLicenser is registered. If the license currently being stored in an USB-eLicenser, please connect it to your computer.

Once your eLicenser is registered, a voucher will appear in your MySteinberg account:

Please note that the voucher is available for Groove Agent 5 purchased by itself only. If you have an Absolute 4 or 5 license, you must upgrade to Absolute 6 in order to switch to Steinberg Licensing.


Thanks guys for replying. This is my elicenser account. As you can see and I don’t have any voucher

I don’t know what to do next. Thanks

Re-register your eLicenser and run Maintenance on it. If that doesn’t make the voucher appear within 24 hours - and I doubt it will bearing in mind your My Steinberg already shows the Groove Agent licence - your only option is to contact Steinberg Support for help.

Thanks David. I will try that let’s see.