How to I remove reference to an old non connected MIDI device when loading an old project?

On loading older projects sometimes if there was an old device like a midi controller attached to the system when the project was last created and is not there any more Nuendo will bring up a Missing Devices dialog. For whatever reason sometimes it will not let me click to close it and get to finish loading the project. Is there a way to remove all reference to an old controller that is no longer present?

Typically when this happens to me, I first save a new version of the project, then go through and REMOVE any instance of the controller in any channel it was being used to record with. In the “MIDI Input” selection box of the channel.

If you cannot “save” from within Nuendo, simply duplicate your session in its session folder and rename it. This way you still have the old session saved just in case.

If Nuendo somehow does not let you “press escape” and exit that dialogue, that is a bug I do not know how to fix…

What operating system? Which version of Nuendo? Etc…?

Thanks for rhe reply and suggestion. The issue though is that I can’t get into the project. I’m stuck at the missing ports dialog.

Windows 11 (was happening in 10). Nuendo 12.0.40 (was happening in many previous versions)

If you want to, send over the session, I can open it and remove the MIDI instrument, then send back a new version.

If it displays the same error, we can report it as a bug. No need to send all but the session file.

Your very kind and got me thinking that I have Nuendo also installed on my MacBook Pro. So I transferred the project over, it opened on the Mac (which was never connected to much hardware). Saved the file and brought it back to studio windows 11 machine and it opened.

Thanks for your help.

I’d still love to know how to prevent Nuendo/Cubase from looking for these MIDI ports when the hardware has long since gone

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Glad you sorted it out. The only way is as described, to remove them from that MIDI input / output section on each channel they appear on.