How to identify missing plug-in?

I had my MacBook Pro’s motherboard replaced by Apple, and when i got the machine back everything was seemingly normal, yet there were strange things, such as that iCloud no longer knew my password. I assume they for some reason restored via Timemachine and must have messed up permissions (i tried a repair).

Problem is, ever since the replacement was done, a very large and long-worked-on Cubase project of mine is missing a plugin. The track name gives no reference to it and i can – for the heck of it – not remember what plugin was loaded in that slot.

I tried finding out what plugin it was, but to no avail. There is no information anywhere, and the Plugin Manager doesn’t bring up any clues either.

The only thing i was able to do was open the project file in a text editor and look for the track name. Via that method i found the plugin UID but that doesn’t really help either, because i would have to know which plugin the UID belongs to – and i don’t.

Can anyone help me with this? Any trick to find out the plugin name? Or anyone good enough with taking apart those project files, maybe knowing where to find a clue on what plugin it was that got missing?

Thank you! Gracias!

I also have this issue

wanted to backup older projects, but i can find out which plugins are missing!

Just open the project and the names of the missing plugins will be listed.

I have this problem. It just says
“The plug-in “gong” could not be found for Instrument Track “gong”!”
What the hell is “gong !!!”