How to import a MIDI drum groove?

Hi there,

I have a drum groove in Cubase, which is played back by a [GM 129] Stereo GM Kit of HALion Sonic SE. According to the Drum Editor, this groove utilizes 9 different percussive instruments/articulations (please take a look at the screenshot).Although some of the MIDI notes of this groove are not assigned to any percussive instruments/articulations (the picture in the middle), all of them are played back by the kit in Cubase. But when I export this groove (as a MIDI file) and open it in Dorico, some parts/instruments are missing (the picture in the bottom).
How can I get Dorico to import all the elements of the groove and notate them neatly?

Dorico Pro 3.5.11; Win 10-64 bit

When I tested it (with non-GM drum map), Dorico didn’t seem to use the drum map to transform from midi to score, only from score to midi.

So nope, doesn’t work :cry:

See this earlier thread.

theoretical and Daniel, thank you!