How to import all of my 7.5 presets

how can I import my presets from Cubase 7.5 for

a) the program preferences of 7.5 (default settings etc.)
b) the BUS-presets in the VST connections window I have saved in 7.5
c) the colour-presets (colour set)
d) the macro presets I have made

The “open saved preset” function in the preferences dialogue
and in the other windows just shows new presets that I have saved
with Cubase 8.
I cannot find the import function.

I thought this was going to be easy before I read your list.
I am on a PC.
However once I went to AppData>Roaming>Steinberg>Cubase7.5_64 I could not find anything on your list, as I imagine you tried.
Local Disk.Users>Owner>My Docs>Steinberg revealed my FX Chain Presets and Strip Presets. However nothing on your list.

I searched and found this:

It leads to the AppData folder but it does explain where things are.

Yes, I did not find anything in these folders, too. But:

Now I found a way to import the keycommands on PC:

  1. edit at least ONE keycommand and save it in Cubase 8
    (now Cubase 8 produces a new folder called “Keycommands”)

  2. search for folder “AppData”->“Roaming”->“Steinberg”->“Cubase7.5_64”->“Presets”->“Keycommands”
    (here you will find your custom keycommands as a xml file)

  3. copy your desired keycommand

  4. search for folder “AppData”->“Roaming”->“Steinberg”->“Cubase8_64”->“Presets”->“Keycommands”

  5. paste your beloved keycommand into this folder