How to import DSD 2.8 files into Cubase for editing


I’m recording classical music with 1 stereo ribbon mic into a Tascam DA3000 master recorder.
External clock is used at 44.1 kHz (as adviced by Tascam).
I want to finish the recordings in Cubase 9, but can 't seem to import DSD files.
So how can I proceed? I have software from Tascam which can import the files from the DA3000 SD disk, and from the software you can export to DSD files or WAV files? Of course exporting to WAV is no problem, but can I export to WAV 24 bit at any sampling frequency, of should it be 44,1kHZ as originally clocked?
Thanks for some advice.



You can import any (common) sample rate to Cubase, of course.

Cubase cannot edit in the DSD domain, so you might as well have recorded directly in PCM, however you might ask Tascam for advice as to the best PCM format to export your existing DSD recordings to in order to minimise quality loss; the DA3000 may have been clocked externally but DSD uses a sample rate in the MHz range so I don’t know to what extent matching the 44.1kHz would matter in this case.

Cubase will handle PCM up to 192kHz sample rate, and 32-bit float if your Tascam software can generate it.