How to import DVD-Audio

How do I import DVD-Audio in WaveLab 7?
In 6 it was simply Tools-Import DVD-Audio Tracks.

Sorry, this feature is not available in WaveLab 7.

Wow, that’s a disappointment. Will it be back in the next version?

Sorry, this is not planned. DVD-Audio is somehow a deprecated format.

You might find use for the freeware ImgBurn which does a lot more, but I’m pretty sure it will also extract audio from DVD-A.

well, I’ve been using it quite a lot actually
Does it mean that I can’t create DVD-Audio discs with v.7? I haven’t checked yet

strange though that in the same time it’s possible to extract tracks from CDs

Thanks Arjan, luckily I still have v.6 for the job :slight_smile:

Does it mean that I can’t create DVD-Audio discs with v.7?

You can create DVA-Audio with WaveLab 7.

You cannot extract audio from a DVD-A disc using IMGburn.
It’s not a ripper, Arjan.

Me too.
For a supposedly dead format we have never been busier, and have even been adding new clients for the format - including Sony Music Entertainment in the UK with the recently released ELP Deluxe Editions.
Those made 12 discs so far this year, with another 5 on the books and more in discussion…

It’s also a hell of a lot cheaper for labels & artists than BluRay is, at around a quarter of the replication costs, a fraction of the authoring costs & no mandatory AACS Copy Protection scheme and as far as Audio quality goes, BD is no better than DVDA already is - unless you are doing 24/96 7.1

Oops, you’re right. I was mistaken and tried to say EasyCD-DA Extractor, but that also doesn’t do DVD-A… :blush:

One that will work is the experimental DVDAExplorer - there are both Mac & PC versions of this available, and it works.

Just recently upgraded to Windows 8. WaveLab 8 works like a charm now, I’mstill in need of DVD-A importing option. I’ve been trying to install WaveLab 6 but the system doesn’t let me. It could be because my disc is 32 bit while the OS is 64 or maybe it’s some other issues. Is there a 64 bit version of WaveLab 6 available?


You dont need the wavelab 6 installer. You can simply copy the wavelab 6 folder if you have it already installed anywhere. But you need to run wavelab 6 in administrator mode.

No, IIRC, 64-bit was introduced with WL7. However, if Windows 8 is anything like Windows 7, it shouldn’t matter whether the program is 32 or 64 bits. I have several 32-bit programs running (including a never used WL7) in Win7. So it seems to be a different problem - maybe you could play around with compatibilty options for the install. Right clicking on the .exe should give you multiple possibilities.

Edit: ehm, PG beat me to it. An even better solution that I might try myself - better to have an old WL6 at hand than the rather obsolete WL7.

it’s a clean win8 installation, wavelab6 is gone.
Here is an error I get after I choose a destination folder:
as asked removed the dongle and closed all applications. unless something is going on in the background I’m not aware of
maybe I should uninstall v.8 and then re-install starting from 6, would it make a difference?

No, don’t uninstall WaveLab 8.
Install WaveLab 6 on an “old” computer, and copy the files from this computer to the new one, without trying to install on the new one.

it’s the same computer just the OS is clean now, no trace of old soft on it

I managed to install it on a laptop (with the same OS interestingly) and moved it to PC as advised, added 6.1 update on top of it and all works fine now.
However life would be easier if importing DVD-A was available in v8 alongside the old way of doing waveform restoring, which I find much easier than with Sonnox through master…

If you’re referring to the old Waveform Restorer in the Process menu, you can still do the same thing here: