How to import expression maps into Cubase

Hi I’ve downloaded a few expression maps from here,
can anyone teach me how can I import them into Cubase?

Hi and welcome,

On MIDI/Instrument track, open Expression Map tab. Click to the “No Expression Map” field and select “Expression Map Setup…”. In the window, click to Load button, and select the file.

Is there a way to import multiple expression maps into Cubase, instead of importing one-by-one?

Nope, it is one at a time.

But I want to double check that you understand that you do not need to “import” all the maps into Cubase. The maps you Load (not import which implies it is some sort of configuration process) are only needed if you intend to use that specific map in that specific Project. It is Project specific and not a general setup like with Audio Connections.

You could create a Template that had all the maps preloaded so it would be there when creating a new project. But this will also leave you with a bunch of maps you aren’t using that are still loaded - nothing particularly wrong with that if you don’t mind the extra clutter.

Another approach is to set up the VSTi as a track that includes a map. Then save that as a Track Preset. That way your map will load only when you need it as part of the preset.

Thanks for your response. I guess it’ll have to be one-at-a-time to start off, and then save as a preset…! Argh


When you say “preset” I assume you mean that you will save a Track Preset which has the Expression Map loaded into it. Because there are no Expression Map Presets, the maps are either loaded or not.

Yes, this is what I meant. I wanted to be able to load ALL the Expression Maps that I have available into Cubase, and then save as a Track Preset with the maps loaded.