How to Import live drums , sync to existing track Cubase 11?

Hello Greg Ondo and all ! I have a home studio. I’m using Cubase 11 pro/ PC desktop in my office on the second floor. BUT my drum booth is in the basement and recording to Cubase there isn’t convenient so I record to a ZOOM L-20R that works well and sounds great. When somebody sends me a track, I load it into Cubase and export an mp3 with click on it; I Play / Record to that on the ZOOM , then load it all back into Cubase and line it up to the existing track visually using the click as reference . Sending the stems back to the composers has been fine BUT is there a better way to do it in terms of lining everything up and syncing it with phase accuracy ?
Toronto , Canada
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Kevan McKenzie

Greg does post here occisionally, but I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for him to reply.

While I don’t have any advice on your question, there are a lot of folks on the forum who deal with these issues regularly - mostly video work I think.

I’d suggest you change this thread’s title so it reflects your actual question. That way the folks who can offer advice will notice your question. :wink:

Thanks so much raino !


Further to my question posted here

Time stamping the files has been suggested
Also the audio alignment feature in Cubase has been suggested.
What I need is to be able to send the stems back to the composer so that they load, seamlessly into their daw in perfect sync with their track