How to import multiple musicxml files without seeing "Flow Import Options" window?

Dear users and developers,

Is there a way to import multiple musicxml files without seeing the “Flow Import Options” window? For example, I have just tried to import 400 musicxml files, and I should click two buttons per the “Flow Import Options” window.

I would like to bypass this window. How could I do it?

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You can’t. Dorico will always show that window when importing MusicXML files.

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OK, I see. Is there perhaps any possibility of a batch process of importing musicxml into a Dorico project using a command in the terminal of macOS?

No, I’m afraid not.

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I want to request one of the two features asked above, but I think most users do not work this way.

When I import music xml I do not get any window.
Still, since Dorico cannot (yet) loop “open-save-close” on each iteration it does not help since Dorico becomes very slow when handling several files at the same time.

It depends whether you are opening a MusicXML file, which creates a new project, or importing a MusicXML file into the current project, in which case you’ll be asked how you want it to handle the incoming instruments.


OK! Thanks for the clarification. I mostly do “open”, so I did not think of merging mxml into one single project.