How to Import MusicXML <Direction-type> <words>

MusicXML spec includes for indicating “Verse”, “Chorus”, “Bridge” etc.

Example below from Sibelius xml export.

My Dorico Pro 3.1 does not seem to import these.

     <words default-x="85" default-y="66" justify="left" valign="middle" font-family="Georgia" font-style="normal" font-size="10.4581" font-weight="bold">BRIDGE</words>

Am I missing something?

Is there a way?

Is there any documentation of how fully Dorico implements the MusicXML spec for import/export?

Dorico 3.1 Help system seems to have precisely one entry for “XML”, about exporting.


I believe you should find that if you switch on the ‘Text items’ option on the MusicXML Import page of Preferences, these items will be imported.

Yes. That worked. Thank you.

Gotta scroll down in those preference screens to find it.