How to import old(er) project files (CB5) into CB8? *

Hi everyone,

I guess many of you might have (had) the same question: how to import old midi files into CB8 Pro.
I recently bought CB Pro 8 after a few years of not making music.
I used to be working with Cubase VST 5.
Unfortunately, and as you’ve probably guessed, all my current (and old) project files will not import into CB Pro 8.
The .arr and .all files are simply not recognized.
Is there a way to easily transfer old project files into an importable format for CB Pro 8?
I hate to think all my old stuff has become useless.

Many thanks for any help.

* I have changed the title of the subject: replaced “midi” into “project”

Do you mean old cubase project (.all, .arr) or midi (.mid) files?

For old projects you have to install cubase sx3. See:[keyword_search]=ALL

Midi files can be imported through the file - import menu.

Ah, the .arr and .all are old cubase project files.
Thought those were midi file extensions (it has been a while … sorry for that)

Can I install sx3 on a 64 bit pc?
I guess I can open old project files with sx3, export the midi and re-import in CB8?
I will have a go at this.
Thanks so far!


You can import the .all-Projects and save them as .cpr-Projects.

Hi Svengali. It works! Wow man, I am so happy. Many, many thanks for your help!!

For all interested in how it works:

Install Cubase SX on your PC (see link from Svengali);
You must have an eLicencer, but you can use the one you got with CB Pro 8 to make it work;
Import old Cubase projects;
Once imported, save as project file;
Now you can open the project file in later Cubase versions like CB Pro 8.