How to import tempo from Melodyne??!!

Hello guys,

I want to import to Cubase the tempo maps detected within Melodyne Stand Alone. Melodyne exports tempo maps as MIDI files.
The issue: Cubase does not detect tempo from MIDI files. Cubase only imports tempo as *.smt files (which apparently is a kind of XML specific for Cubase)

So, if I try to Import Melodyne’s tempo map…

  1. …from the Import tempo track menu: cubase pops an error. “This file is not valid!” (the exclamation mark tells me it was even stupid to try :laughing:)
  2. …from the Import MIDI menu: nothing happens. A blank MIDI track is created and the tempo track remains unchanged.

I know, I know (I know) Cubase detects tempo. But let’s just say, for arguments sake, that there is benefit to be gained from Melodyne’s tempo map (regardless of the reason). Please let’s not make this post into an argument over which is better. Both Melodyne and Cubase detect tempo properly. But I need the tempo map from Melodyne. I need it imported into Cubase. I just do.

Thank you for any pointers you might have. I already emailed Celemony support, with a 99.9% chance that I will be directed to Steinberg.

Import the midi file after unchecking in cubase preferences the box marked ignore Master Track events on Merge


Wow thanks that was exactly it. Although I think this choice should be a in pop up dialogue every time you import MIDI.

For anyone else looking for this, the preference is located here:

Preferences > MIDI > MIDI File > Ignore Master Track Events on Merge

Thank you again!

Hey Hippo! It’s been a while, I hope things are good with you. I looked for this in my Cubase program and see that this is a default setting?

To hesca116, when you say that you want to import the tempo map from Melodyne, how exactly are you creating a tempo map? Are you just exporting the audio file you opened in Melodyne into a midi track - and this then becomes your tempo track that you import into Cubase? Thanks for the explanation in advance.

Hello mr.roos

To export the tempo from Melodyne I´m using the export function and selecting “MIDI map” from the dropdown.

“To export the tempo from Melodyne I´m using the export function and selecting “MIDI map” from the dropdown.”

This is weird, hesca116. I run Melodyne Assistant and I don’t have a dropdown menu that says “MIDI map”. Are you using a better version of Melodyne?

I’m using melodyne studio 4. Sorry, the option is called “tempo map”, it’s located on the export menu.

Yeah, OK, thanks for this update. This option doesn’t exist in Essential or Assistant… :stuck_out_tongue: