How to import very old Cubase *.ALL files?

I started working with Cubase VST in the early 90s, almost 30 years ago.
Today I have Nuendo 11 and Wavelab licenses but no Cubase.
I installed Cubase SE 3.03 because it seems to be the last version that is able to import the *.all files.
Unfortunately it is looking for a Cubase license on the USB-eLicenser, sadly the much more premium Nuendo 11 license is not accepted.

How do I open / import / convert very old Cubase *.ALL files to work on the old songs in Nuendo 11?

To my knowledge there is no legal way to open or convert .ALL files without a Cubase license of some description.

For reasons best known to Steinberg, the Nuendo license will not allow Cubase to run, and you will require at least a Cubase of the “SX” generation to be able to load .ALL and save as .CPR

I don’t use Nuendo so perhaps a Nuendo user will have a better suggestion.

You could download a trial license for Cubase and do this using Cubase SX 3. See Compatible licences for running older versions

Thanks for your relies.
I will find a few days to convert the songs with a trial license.
Good advice Steve.