How To Improve Sound Quality In C 7.5?

Hey! I just created a new track, right here : - YouTube

I’m just wondering how I can improve the sound quality to make it sound cleaner?
I also feel like some of the sounds don’t sound as they did before I exported them from Cubase, is there any reason for this?

Also, what could I add to make it sound “fuller”, or even what I could take out?

Basically, how could I improve?

Thank you in advance!

A few things to kick off here as nobody else has jumped in yet:
It’s good manners around here to post tracks in the Made with Steinberg forum and not the general forum. You’ll possibly get more of a response there too as users from all other forums (Cubase 8, 9 etc) will go there.
Appreciate you have Cubase 7.5 but what synths are you using? P.C? Mac computers?
Most users tuck there studio details in their signature and indeed it’ll help others to help you.

The track: To be honest, I thought it was horrible from a music point of view. Bit of a cross between Bavarian 3/4 and Kraftwerk out-takes. Sorry, too quirky for me.
Simple comments on the production though:
Wrong kick drum. Use a shorter one or shorten it with an ADSR. Too high in the mix.
Bass: Could be a bit higher in the mix. It also drones a lot, so it’s filling up the space to enhance the mix. Kill the bottom end below 100 or at least 50Hz.
The rest: Doesn’t seem to be any width to it. It all seems pretty centre pan, but hey, that’s a learning curve and it’s only your 7th post.
Some things seem to have reverb and others don’t. Again, this affects the spatial aspect sometimes.
Hope those few little things help and hope you’re not too disappointed with the reply.
Not trying to be critical, but helpful.
Neil B

Thanks for the feedback! I honestly forgot to add reverb into this track completely because excitement just got the best of me.

I’m trying now to layer sounds together to make it fuller because I totally get what you mean about it being “centre pan” it doesn’t have much depth to it at all.

Thanks again it was lots of help!

BTW - Neophyte is better :slight_smile:

Thank you :smiley:

Was there something that stood out more in Neophyte than Going Up? The heavier bass perhaps? Or the reverb I remembered to add this time :stuck_out_tongue:

Hangs together better as a story - it has continuity.
Got to be careful here !!! Neophyte - new member of a group, beginner: It has that feel of newness to Cubase or music with a piano riff like a child having their first lessons. The story works.
And yes, I liked the bass. Sounded a bit like you’d sidechained it off the kick and I liked it for that. Your choice of instrumentation, in terms of simplistic, “thin” synths, has a charm of its own.